2022 Volume 4 No. 2

Russian Literature of the 18th–19th Centuries


Vladimir A. Voropaev
“Even So, Come, Lord Jesus”, or the Mystery of Gogol’s Death: To the 170th Anniversary of His Death

Alexander V. Gulin
Leo Tolstoy as a Singer of the Russian Empire

Sergey S. Zhdanov
“On the Beaten Path of Russian Tourists”: Representation of the Germany Space in “Parisian Letters with Notes About Denmark, Germany, Holland and Belgium” by N. I. Gretsch

Valeriy A. Domanskiy
Turgenev’s Characters as Psychological and Cultural Types

Sofianina A. Sterlikova
A Guide to the Holy Land by Hieromonk Nikodim. Genre Traditions and Features

Anastasia A. Kalitnik
Christian Motives in the Short Story “God Alone Sees the Truth” by S. V. Engelhardt

Elena N. Ashikhmina
New Data on the Environment of N. S. Leskov in the Orel Province

Anna A. Fedotova
Blessed Are Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Truth”: Biblical Allusions in N. S. Leskov’s Novella “The Vale”

Nikolay V. Kapustin
“Murder” as a Chekhov Story

Olga L. Fetisenko
On the History of the Essay “Visiting Father John of Kronstadt” by Ivan Shcheglov (I. L. Leontiev)


Textual Criticism


Vladimir L. Korovin
Two Versions of Psalm 143 in Paraphrases of Russian Poetsof the Late 18 – First Half of the 19 century

Aleksandr V. Markov
Textual Criticism of Ostrovsky’s Translations from Latin. Part 2. Plautus’ The Asses and Issues of the Text Source

Valentina A. Lukina
On the Main Text of the Poem by A. A. Fet “Apollo Belvedere” 

Olga B. Kafanova
Creative Laboratory of Afanasy Fet: Translation from A. de Musset