Keywords: Russian literature, classic literature, cultural context, creative dialogue, dialogue of cultures, intermedia contacts, teaching methods, digital technologies.
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Larkovich, D. V. “Actualizing the Classics: A New Collective Monograph on the Dialogic Intentions of the Russian Literary Heritage.” Dva veka russkoi klassiki, vol. 4, no. 4, 2022, pp. 264–275. (In Russ.)

Author: Dmitry V. Larkovich
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Dmitry V. Larkovich, DSc in Philology, Professor, Surgut State Pedagogical University, 50 let VLKSM st. 10/2, 628417 Surgut, Russia.


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Received: September 20, 2022
Approved after reviewing: October 23, 2022
Published: December 25, 2022
Issue: 2022 Volume 4 No. 4
Department: Scientific Life
Pages: 264–275

UDK: 821.161.1.09"19"


The review contains a general description of the collective scientific monograph “Russian Classics in Dialogue with Modernity: Models of Interaction” (2022). The authors of this publication focus on the problem of the reception of Russian literary classics by the modern readership and creative community. The book presents an original concept of the development of the Russian literary process in the 19th–21st centuries in the context of its axiological and aesthetic dynamics. The article identifies the significant factors of the intercultural dialogue of Russian and European literature on the basis of personal translation strategies, gives a detailed description of Russian biographical prose in its various genre modifications, indicates variants of intertextual interaction between modern and classical authors, shows the role of theatrical and cinematographic productions as an effective factor in the popularization of the domestic literary heritage. The author pays particular attention to the methodological aspects of updating the classics in modern educational practice.


Domanskii, V. A., editor. Russkaia klassika v dialoge s sovremennost’iu: modeli vzaimodeistviia: kollektivnaia monografiia [Russian Сlassics in Dialogue with Modernity: Models of Interaction: A Collective Monograph]. Moscow, Flinta Publ., 2022. 480 p. (In Russ.)