DSc in Philology, Professor, Director of Research, Institute of literature of T. Shevchenko of National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine

ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4064-5957

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He graduated from the Gogol Nezhin State Pedagogical Institute in 1971.

PhD thesis:

Genre and stylistic uniqueness of the novels by Vasily Narezhny (1981)

DSc thesis:

Nikolai Gogol's creative work in the context of Baroque literary culture (2003)

Scientific and organisational activities:

Head of Gogol research centre at Hohol Nizhyn State University

Founder and editor-in-chief of the international scholarly collection “Nikolai Gogol (Mykola Hohol) studies” (26 issues).

Honorary titles and awards:

2009 –– Nikolai Gogol International Prize in Italy (Rome).


Scientific publications – about 400, including 6 monographs.

Selected scientific publications:


  • Nikolai Gogol: the Ukraine bibliography. Kyiv, Academic periodicals Publ., 2009, 258 p. (co-authored). (In Ukrainian)
  • Artistic word, sacred word…: collection of articles and reviews. Nizhyn, Aspect Polygraph publishing house, 2007, 180 p. (In Ukrainian)
  • Through the prism of Baroque: articles of different years. Kyiv, Nika Centre publishing house 2002, 334 p. (In Ukrainian)
  • Gogol in later years and Baroque: the Ukraine-Russia context. Nizhyn, Aspect Polygraph publishing house, 2002, 208 p. (In Ukrainian)

Preparing for publication (compilation, scientific editing, commentary)

  • Nikolai Gogol at Nezhin Gymnasium of the Highest Sciences: anthology of memoirs, compilation and commentaries by Pavel V. Mikhed, Yu. V. Yakubin. St Petersburg, Pushkin House Publ., 2014, 627 p. (In Russ.)
  • Aphorisms, sayings, sentences Nikolai Gogol, compiled by Tat’yana Mikhed, Pavel Mikhed; introductory article by Pavel Mikhed. St Petersburg, Pushkin House Publ., 2010, 253 p. (In Russ.)
  • Genealogy of Nikolai Gogol. Articles and materials. Moscow, 2009, 236  p. (compiler, comments’ and foreword’s author). (In Russ.)
  • Chronicle of Nikolai Gogol's life and creative work: Nezhin period (1820–1828). Nizhyn, Aspect Polygraph publishing house, 2009. 260 p. (project leader). (In Russ.)


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