Department of Modern Languages & Literatures University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada

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1966  B. A. in Slavic Studies (major) and English Literature (minor)

University of British Columbia

PhD thesis:

A.F. Pisemsky as playwright (1967)

DSc thesis:

The Changing Image of the Peasant in 19th Century Russian Drama (1972)

Scientific and organisational activities:

2019 –– Member, Int’l Editorial Board, journal Two Centuries of the Russian Classics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

2014 –– Member, Editorial Board, State Leo Tolstoy Museum Review

2009  –– Member, Academic Council, Strakhov Museum Library, University of Belgorod

2005  –– Appointed full member, Editorial Board, 100-volume edition of Leo Tolstoy’s works currently being published by the Russian Academy of Sciences

2002 –– Initiation & execution of international memoranda of agreement between the Univ. of Ottawa and the following institutions in the Slavic-speaking world: (a) Russian Academy of Sciences: Gorky Institute of World Literature (Moscow); (b) Russian Academy of Sciences: Institute of Russian Literature (St-Petersburg); (c) Russian Academy of Sciences: Institute of Ethnology & Anthropology (Moscow); (d) Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO); (e) State Leo Tolstoy Museum (Moscow); (f) Leo Tolstoy’s Museum-Estate (Yasnaya Polyana); (g) Univ. of St-Petersburg: Canada College; (h) Polish Academy of Arts & Sciences; (i) Catholic Univ. of Lublin; (j) Serbian-Montenegrin Academy of Arts & Sciences

2001–2004  –– Foreign Co-Secretary & Co-Chair, Committee on International Relations, Royal Society of Canada (initiated agreement of co-operation with 2 Russian academies)

2001 –– Member, Editorial Board, University of Toronto Theatre Forum

1999 –– Joint Editor (with J. L. Black of Carleton) of Canada/Russia Series (11 volumes published to date)

1998 –– Member, Advisory Board, Canadian Slavonic Papers

1998 –– Research Associate, Centre for Research on Cdn-Russian Relations, Carleton University

1998–2012  –– Founder & Co-ordinator (2001– Director), Slavic Research Group, University of Ottawa (members from Canadian universities and abroad)

1997 –– Member, Editorial Board, Tolstoy Studies Journal

1996  –– Organised a conference on “Lev Tolstoy and the concept of brotherhood” at the University of Ottawa (see “Books edited” below)

1994–2012  –– Adjunct Professor of Research, Institute of Central & East European Studies and EURUS, Carleton University

1993–1998 –– Adjunct Professor of Research, Dept of Russian, Carleton University

1991–1993  –– Gave courses at Carleton University on “Russian literature in translation”

1991  –– Organised int’l symposium on “Slavic drama: the question of innovation”

1985–1990 –– Liaison Officer for Ministry of External Affairs, University of Ottawa

1985–1987  –– Chairman, Modern Languages & Literatures, University of Ottawa

1983–1985  –– Interim Chairman, Modern Languages & Literatures, University of Ottawa

1982–1983  –– Head, Slavic Section, University of Ottawa

1981–1986  –– Member, International Committee for Slavic & East European Studies

1981 –– Member, Advisory Board, Germano-Slavica

1980–1981  –– Vice-President, Canadian Association of Slavists

1980–1981  –– Member, University Review Committee, University of Victoria

1978–1980  –– Chairman, Department of Slavonic Studies, University of Victoria

1978  –– Organised Leo Tolstoy Symposium at the University of Victoria

1977–1979  –– Member, Executive Committee, Canadian Association of Slavists

1973–1979  –– Associate Editor, Germano-Slavica

1973–1974  –– Associate Chairman for Russian, University of Waterloo

1970–1975  –– Organised and directed Summer Russian Language Workshop, University of Waterloo

1969–1972  –– Chairman, Russian Subsection, Ontario Modern Languages Teachers’ Association and Councillor of its Executive Committee

1967 –– Canadian Association of Slavists

Referee (over the years) for various journals, publishers, promotions and tenure; assessor for Canada Council, OGS, SSHRC, National Endowment for the Humanities; external examiner for Ph.D. dissertations, both at the Univ. of Ottawa and across Canada; External Reviewer of the Department of Slavic Languages & Literatures, Univ. of Toronto; participant in radio, TV and newspaper interviews in Canada, Russia, the Ukraine and the former Yugoslavia


2015  –– Received Leo Tolstoy Medal for Distinguished Contributions to Tolstoy Studies, awarded by the Leo Tolstoy’s Museum, Moscow

2012  –– Appointed member, Russian Union of Writers, Moscow

2010–2012  –– Interim Honorary Editor (Fellow obituaries), Royal Society of Canada

2008  –– Received Russian Presidential Pushkin Medal, awarded by President Vladimir Putin

2006 –– Certificate of recognition, Foundation for Russian Culture, Moscow

2003  –– Appointed Distinguished University Professor, University of Ottawa

2002  –– Elected Full Member, Petrovskaja Academy of Arts & Sciences (Petri Primi Academia Scientiarum et Artium), St-Petersburg

2001  –– Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (Academy of the Humanities & Social Sciences)

1998  –– Received Pushkin Medal & Citation, International Association of Professors of Russian Language & Literature (MAPRJAL)

1997  –– Elected Corresponding Member, International Academy of Sciences, Pedagogical Division, Moscow


Selected scientific publications:


  • Leo Tolstoy and the Canadian Doukhobors: a study in historic relationships. Ottawa, University of Ottawa Publ., 2019, 455 p. (In English).
  • Sofia Andreevna Tolstaya: Literary works. Ottawa, Slavic Research Group at the University of Ottawa and Moscow, State L. N. Tolstoy Museum Publ., 2011, 528 p. (In English).
  • Leo Tolstoy and Nikolaj Strakhov: A personal and literary dialogue. Ottawa, Slavic Research Group at the University of Ottawa and Moscow, State L. N. Tolstoy Museum Publ., 2008, 138 p. (In English).
  • The Unity of people in Leo Tolstoy’s works. Ottawa, Slavic Research Group at the University of Ottawa; St Petersburg, Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkinskij dom), Russian Academy of Sciences; Moscow, Gorky Institute of World Literature, Russian Academy of Sciences, 2002, 300 p. (with Lidia Gromova & Galina Galagan). (In English).
  • Essays on L.N. Tolstoj’s dramatic art.  Wiesbaden, Otto Harrassowitz Publ., 1988, 141 p. (In English).
  • Mixail Lentovskij and the Russian theatre. East Lansing, (Michigan, USA). Russian Language Journal, 1985, 416 p. (In English).

Preparation for publication (drafting, scientific editing, commenting)

  • Leo Tolstoy in conversation with four peasant sectarian writers: Complete correspondence. Edited and with an Introduction by Andrew Donskov. Expanded edition. Correspondence translated from the Russian by John Woodsworth. Ottawa, University of Ottawa Publ., 2019, 386 p. (In English).
  • Tolstoy & Tolstaya: a portrait of a life in letters. Trans. John Woodsworth, Arkadi Klioutchanski and Liudmila Gladkova. With a Foreword by V.I. Tolstoy. Ottawa, University of Ottawa Publ., 2017, 430 p. (In English).
  • Sergey L. Tolstoy: travelling to Canada with the Doukhobors. Edited & introduction by A. A. Donksov. Russian translation of my 1998 publication (see below). Moscow, Kuchkovo Pole Publ., 2016, 320 p. (In English).
  • Arguing with Tolstoy: in the scales of life by V. F. Bulgakov. Ottawa-Moscow, Slavic Research Group at the University of Ottawa, RGALI and L.N. Tolstoy Museum Publ., 2014, 384 p. Compiled by A. A. Donskov, L. V. Gladkova, A. A. Klioutchanski. (In English).
  • How a life was lived: Reminiscences of L.N. Tolstoy’s last secretary by V. F. Bulgakov. Ottawa-Moscow, Slavic Research Group at the University of Ottawa, RGALI and L.N. Tolstoy Museum Publ., 2012, 863 p. Compiled by L. V. Gladkova, J. A. Woodsworth, A. A. Klioutchanski. (In English).
  • My life by Sofia Andreevna Tolstaya. Trans. John Woodsworth & Arkadi Klioutchanski. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 1190 p. (In English).
  • L.N. Tolstoy and N. N. Strakhov: complete correspondence. Compiled by L.D. Gromova and T.G. Nikiforova. Ottawa, Slavic Research Group at the University of Ottawa & Moscow, L.N. Tolstoy Museum Publ., 2003, 2 vols., 1050 p. (In English).
  • Lev Tolstoy and the concept of brotherhood (with John Woodsworth; Proceedings of a conference held at the University of Ottawa). Ottawa, Legas Publ., 1996, 228 p. (In English).
  • L.N. Tolstoy & T. M. Bondarev: Correspondence. München, Verlag Otto Sagner Publ., 1996, 142 p. (In English).

Chapters in books

  • Die Duchoborzen in Kanada, eds. Martin George, Jens Herlth, Christian Münch & Ulrich Schmid. In Tolstoy als theologischer Denker und Kirchenkritiker. Göttingen, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht Publ., 2014, pp. 719–730. (In English).
  • Dramatic presence in Tolstoy’s “The death of Ivan Il’ich”, eds. Megan Swift & Serhy Yekelchyk. We’re from Jazz. Festschrift in honour of Nicholas V. Galichenko. Washington, D.C., New Academia Publ., 2010, pp. 193–203. (In English).
  • S.L. Tolstoy’s notes on his journey with the Doukhobors to Canada. In World of Philology. Moscow, Nasledie Publ., 2000, pp. 307–319. (In English).


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