Keywords: Nikolai Gogol, Dmitriy Valuyev, biography, creative influence, acquaintance, travel abroad, correspondence.
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Seryagin S. N. Nikolai Gogol and Dmitriy Valuyev. Two centuries of the Russian classics, 2020, vol. 2, № 4, pp. 86–93. (In Russ.) DOI 

Author: Sergey N. Seryagin
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Sergey N. Seryagin,, local historian, the Union of local historians of the Ulyanovsk region, Radishcheva str., 116а, 432071, Ulyanovsk, Russia

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Received: August 21, 2020
Published: December 8, 2020
Issue: 2020 Volume 2 No. 4
Department: Russian literature XVIII and XIX centuries
Pages: 86-93
UDK: 821.161.1.09"19"

Abstract: This work reveals the relationship between Nikolai Gogol and Dmitriy Valuyev, it introduces previously unexplored sources into scientific circulation. The personality of Nikolai Gogol cannot but attracts the broadest attention; not only creative work, but also the facts of his biography are of interest. The main source here, in addition to documents belonging to Nikolai Gogol proper, are the memoirs of contemporaries, reviews, mentions in correspondence. Materials of this kind have been published and republished many times, but it is extremely difficult to cover all possible sources, and the possibility of new archival discoveries often remains. The author of the article studied correspondence of Dmitriy Valuyev in the repositories of Moscow and St. Petersburg and he found repeated, but little-studied in the scientific community, references to Dmitriy Valuyev’s acquaintance with Nikolai Gogol. This work highlights the unconditional influence of Nikolai Gogol’s work on the personality and literary activity of Dmitriy Valuyev, as well as the facts of their acquaintance, personal meetings.


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