The scholarly journal of literature “Two Centuries of the Russian Classics”, established by A. M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IWL RAS) in 2019, is compiled and prepared by the Russian Classical Literature Department of the IWL RAS.

The journal publishes topical historical-literary, theoretical-literary scholarly articles, archival materials and documents related to the literary process of the 18th – 19th centuries, scientific reports, reviews, review articles, short notes on significant scientific events and others.

Much attention is paid by the editors to articles on textology and source study, to those that contain new material introduced into the scientific community for the first time, as well as to large conceptual works revealing the spiritual quest, peculiarities of the creative work and world outlook of the Russian classics, to specifics of their implementation of the philosophy and life issues.

All papers submitted to the journal undergo a mandatory “double-blind” peer-review process. Those who act as reviewers are members of the journal's editorial board, of the international editorial board, all authoritative scientists from the IWL RAS, other scientific institutions and universities in Russia and around the world. Articles of high scientific value, a significant degree of novelty, and a holistic view of the problems addressed by the authors are published in the journal.

On the pages of the publication, numerous discoveries made by contemporary literary scholars, as well as archival discoveries, original interpretations of themes, images, motifs and also observations revealing the richness and vital diversity of the artistic worlds of Russian writers of the 18th – 19th centuries, will be found by readers.